We provide Independent Educational Psychology services to schools, colleges and universities in East Sussex and surrounding areas.

We offer a range of services including consultation, assessment, supervision, advice and training on specific difficulties (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia etc); emotional awareness in children; SENCo or Early Career Teacher (ECT) training/advice; crisis response and more.

Our Educational Psychology services are bespoke to fit your needs.

Counselling and therapeutic services are also available (online and face to face) in East Sussex, across the UK and beyond (online).


We work with HR departments, disability officers and welfare officers, organising workplace assessments for business, organisations and employers, often where there is a suspected learning need.

We deliver training courses and briefings to raise understanding of specific learning needs, stress, anxiety and/or mental health.

We can also work with you on your selection processes. We also offer counselling.